Thursday, September 10, 2009

The latest

There doesn't appear to be much progress been made since the last photo but the builders have been here each day doing something! The trusses are all done now and the front pillars put up and filled with concrete.

The roof builders are coming now to put on the roof etc and that will be followed by the window frames and then the bricks. We have the kitchen layout and colours chosen, also the laundry and bathrooms colours, tap mixers, towel rails etc. Next things for us to choose will be the floor and wall tiles. Not really looking forward to choosing them - just so much choice.


Debbie Pamment said...

Once you start looking at tiles you realise just how many there are - don't envy you! But you have such great taste I'm sure whatever you choose will be fabulous - just don't go back to the tile store AFTER you've made your decision!!!

Leanne said...

Looks like it's all coming on nicely Jean. Thanks for keeping us updated on the progress. Love Leanne.

Leigh said...

I can see a bit of a difference Jean. The pillars look lovely. I agree with Debbie, don't go back to the tile shop. Believe me!!!!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

oh my goodness I love construction almost more than stamping...this is looking great! Wooohoooo can't wait to watch the progress! Hugs

Debbie M said...

OMG Jean - It is going to be such a big beautiful house! I SOOO envy you!!! And to have time in between to still make beautiful cards?.... You are amazing!

Debbie M

Karen said...

Jean - I can't belive its been so long since I've gotten to see your blog! The days just pass me by lately!

Your house will be absolutely beautiful - enjoy every moment of seeing it come to life - you've waited your whole life to get something so lovely!

Luv Karen