Monday, June 30, 2008

Our scenery LOL

This is what you see from the front of our house! We have 2000 hectares which is all dry like this right now. It will probably stay dry now until the storms which we hope will start early in October - unusual but we might get earlier ones hopefully.

It gets too cold from now on so even if we have rain, no grass will grow until the warmer weather.

Will get back to showing a card on Wednesday -tomorrow I am going to our nearest big town, Emerald which is an hour's drive away.


Ryemilan said...

WOW Jean, I know its dry, but it is also BEAUTIFUL!

I wish I had a vista like that outside.

The first thing I'd do is walk up that mountain!

Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Jean - I agree with Sam!! What gorgeous scenery to see from your house! One day I am gonna come and stay with you and you can teach me to feed the cows!!!


Leigh said...

It is beautiful Jean. I keep praying for rain for you. It's so difficult when you've got stock and it's so dry.

Kay said...

Hi Jean, Lovely scenery. Yes, it would be lovely to get some rain after all that we had after Christmas.

Nan said...

Jean - thank you so much for sharing the photos! You could take one of your house, too, and Caroline would really love that. She has a million questions about where you live! It's so incredibly gorgeous there. Thanks for sharing it!


Chantelle said...

Must be so nice and peaceful with scenery like that to view everyday. How wonderful - I'm sure you appreciate the rains when they come. TFS.