Monday, January 26, 2009


There will be lots "of snags on the barbie" celebrations around Australia today as well as lots of community events. In Emerald, the closest large town to us, there is usually a big event in the botanical gardens but this year because there has been quite a bit of rain there, it is too slushy underfoot so the party has to take place in the Town Hall!

Wherever you are in Australia, have a good one and think of this time back in 1788!!


LaToya said...

Well Happy Aussie Day to you Jean. Hope you have a great day...and enjoy enough for me too on the Barbie! LOL

Janet Bagnall said...

Jean - I hope you had a great Aussie Day. Patrick and I are going to start studying about all the places my blogger group #7 friends are from and he was excited to hear about the two friends I write to that are from Australia - he is constantly saying g'day now :) and I am just as eager to learn about where you live.

Janet Bagnall said...

I just remembered that there are 3 ladies in our group that are from Australia - that's AWESOME !!!