Sunday, August 3, 2008

No cards today!

A few people who look at my blog have asked to see our house so here it is! It is not by any means like the average Australian home these days as it is almost 70 years old but we have had quite a few renovations done to make it way more pleasant to live in.

Our son is a builder and he worked on it about seven years ago to make it all nice and open inside with a new kitchen and all the outside walls have been renewed.
On the roof, you can just see the satellite dish that the internet runs off and the box beside the TV antenna is our evaporative air conditioner.

The nearest neighbours are about 11kms [ 6 miles??] away so the only noises we hear are coal trains in the distance and lots of birds!


Leigh said...

Oh good, now I know where you'll be when I ring. lol

Karen said...

Thanks for putting this pic up Jean! I love your little house! It's so nice to be able to actually see where other people live!


Kylie said...

I wish I lived that far from my neighbours lol!


Bethel of Bethania said...

I'm going to get me there to visit one of these days/years ... lol... B