Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pennant of Friends

At last I have my little pennant finished!! When I was in Brisbane in April and staying with Bethel, we had a lovely day when Louise and Jane came up for a get together! Bethel had organised this little project for each of us as she is enjoying working with fabric and stitching this year.
Jane decided she just couldn't possibly make one - well she had hers finished first and she did way way more stitching on hers than I did. Hers is beautiful as were everyone's and it was just so nice to be sitting at the outdoor table stitching and chatting and eating in between!
Sooooo Bethel, you WILL be proud of me for actually finishing something?? I must admit I had to almost tear the house apart to find a suitable needle!! How sad is that. I DID remember how to make a tassel though - a bit of a miracle.


Jane Norrish said...

Oh Jean that is beautiful and sooooooooo neat, love the tassle! A lovely reminder of a really wonderful day together, chatting, sewing and eating with friends. What more could you want if life..........lol

Bethel of Bethania said...

Woow Jean it looks beautiful ... so glad it wasn't one of those UFO's? that you taught me about ... and the tassel great something else I think you might need to teach me next time your down ... when was that???

Debbie M said...

Jean what a lovely way to spend with friends and you have done a fantastic job - what a great idea!

Debbie M

Mel Hanlon said...


It is absolutely gorgeous. Good work!

Mel H

CreativSpirit said...

This is beautiful Jean, well done. Sounds like you all had a lovely day together, what a great way to spend a day.



Karen said...

Jean - just beautiful and sooooooooooo neat! What a lovely keepsake!