Friday, February 22, 2008

More birthday cards!

Here are pictures of more of my birthday cards so as you can see, I was very lucky that so many people thought of me!The left one above was made by my DIL Kellie who has not been stamping for very long and made a lovely card - she said she stressed over it for two days as it was for ME - silly girl!! The right hand one was made by a fellow Stampin' Up! team member Kylie from Adelaide.
The top two cards were sent by Judy and Laura - two more members of my upline Karen's team. The left hand bottom one was sent by Jenny and the right hand one was a RAK from Karen. They are all so pretty.
The card with the lovely image of the two little kids was made by Louise, the next one came from a RAK friend Pam on SCS - this card is really pretty IRL. The left bottom card was sent by Leigh who is my very first recruit - exciting for me. I think Leigh has about eight layers on this card and it is made perfectly - very pretty! The lovely oriental card is from my great friend Bethel. Again it is much prettier IRL and I just love the little corner scroll.

Sooooooo it has been very exciting to go to the Post Office for the last couple of weeks!

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Karen said...

Holy Cow!!!!! Look at all these gorgeous cards!! You were so very spoilt and rightly so!! I tell ya, for someone who hasnt been stamping for very long - Kellie did a fantastic job on that card - WAY TO GO KELLIE~!!! I just love how very different each and every card is - the joys of cardmaking!!