Wednesday, September 2, 2009

House progress!

I promised friends that I would show the progress of our new home so here are a few pics. The concrete slab was poured yesterday - fifteen concrete truck loads came in yesterday morning and all done by 10.30am.

Today the builders are putting up wall frames - seems these days that the concrete doesn't need curing time before any further work on it! The whole area seems so small to me but I am assured that when the wall frames go up, I will see it in a different light. I have allowed for a good sized craft room but have no idea how I am setting it out yet.

In the photo of the concrete slab, the front piece is the front patio which we will have tiled. I will post more pics as everything progresses. We have chosen bricks, window frames, roof etc., also wall oven, range hood and cook top but lots more things to choose yet! All fun! I would dearly loved to have had a gas cook top but there was a domestic over that one and I lost LOL!!

I want to start making some Christmas cards so as to get a little ahead with them. I have to finish off some embroidered 3d cards first though.


Diane Barnes said...

Hi Jean, I'm so happy for you that your new home is starting to take shape. warm wishes, Di

Robyn said...

Looks fabulous Jean!

Leigh said...

Oh wow, it's so exciting when the slab is down. I looked at our slab and thought?????, where is there going to be room for everything but it fits in.

Bethel of Bethania said...

Ohh Jean it's so exciting to see the slab down... you will be so anxious for it to get a real go on... not that they seem to be letting the grass grow now they have started... look forward to more reports... B

Debbie Pamment said...

It's going to be sooo much fun watching your new home grow - thanx for letting us enjoy the journey too.