Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday's efforts!

Yesterday I spent a lovely day making these projects with a friend in Emerald who is a Kaszazz consultant. There were four of us and although these are very easy projects and very well explained as we went along, it took us a long time to get them done - well I didn't get mine finished there as I wanted to drive home before it got too dark and before there were too many roos on the road. I have an hour's drive to Emerald. We must have chatted and laughed too much instead of doing more work!! Didn't matter - it was all a lot of fun. Poor Michelle had a headache and I couldn't operate the Silent Setter of hers at all so she had to put up with my banging the punch to make the holes. And with you too Kell LOL!!!
The first pics are of the birthday book as you can see. I left mine fairly plainly decorated as I felt the paper was busy enough. The other girls chose striking black and white paper so they were dressing theirs up more with bling etc. The second project is a Flip Memory album and I really do like this one with all its folds and various places to put photos. Very interesting! This photo does not show it off well but it is hard to know how to photograph it.
Sooo it really was a change from stamping away here on my own [not that I really mind] but I hope we can get together for a day again soon.

It all worked out really well as Karen had her quarterly team meeting yesterday and as she is five hour's drive from me, I couldn't justify travelling all that way so I had a fun day to occupy my mind instead of thinking of the fun day the girls were having in Mackay!! Thank you so much Leigh though for sending me one of the Make and Takes that you did there. You are so thoughtful!


Leigh said...

Wow, great projects Jean. Love them both. Glad you had a wonderful day and was thinking about you at the team meeting.

Karen said...

Oh wow! How cool are those projects!! Love the papers you have used on them!

So glad you had a lovely time. You will just have to come into Mackay again another weekend and stamp with us - theres always a bed here for ya!


Beth Norman said...

Lovely book.