Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am spoilt!!

I just wanted to show everyone what a lovely surprise came delivered to me last weekend! This arrangement is the most beautiful that I have had in my life. Grant and Kellie gave it to me for housesitting for them and also for Mother's Day!!

The cellophane all came off just for the photo but is all put back on and taped up as we just have so much dust here right now - it is so bone dry! I said that I would have to tuck it away in a cupboard maybe for my retirement home where there may be no dust as I want to treasure it forever but it is now in our lounge and looking lovely.

Thank you Grant and Kell!!!! Very thoughtful when you both had other worries.


Karen said...

Wow!!! - that is just so beautiful Jean - very you!!

You were spoilt - but you know what - you are so worth spoiling!!

Enjoy them!!


Leigh said...

Beautiful Jean. A wonderful arrangement. You deserve it.