Friday, February 8, 2008

Lucky me!!!!

Noo Bethel, no pretty card from me today but thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! These are cards I opened this morning from lovely friends! Arent they just sooo nice? The gumleaves image has been stamped with some kind of black/gold ink - it is just so pretty IRL. Hmmm am thinking it is stamped with Brilliance Lightning Black maybe. It is from Suzie in Cloncurry, the oriental one has a great background which I think has been done with glue and Pearlex and Grace sent that to me, the left hand bottom one is from my upline Karen who always does such beauties and the other one is from Karen's upline Kim in Brisbane. Love it too!! Thank you to you all!

I also had a nice parcel to open from Michelle, Cheryll, Jackie and Grace. Hmmm I think that Michelle was being sneaky along the way sussing me out as to what Nestabilities I wanted LOL. Cos now I have the whole set of oval plain and scalloped Nestas - WOW!! Also a pack of grungeboard - the first I have seen and felt - love that feel!! So all very exciting for me today!!

Maybe tomorrow I might get to make another card to show!!

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Leigh said...

You have received some lovely cards Jean. Happy Birthday. Great pressie too.