Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Flood pics

The first photo is an arial view of my daughter and son in law's property. 95% of their land was under water but the level had dropped when the photo was taken. The dark patches were all covered with water when it was at its peak. Their house is the white dot at the very top. The other buildings are their sheds. They have been isolated for over a week now and have a two year old and an eight month old. Think they were starting to run out of a few essentials.
These next photos were taken by my son or daughter in law who live on the south side of Emerald. Wouldn't it be dreadful for the people who are having this house built. Grant is a builder and knows just what the damage to the houses will be from sitting in water for so long. There was a photo on the news of a house outside Emerald with just the roof visible. Hundreds of homes will have water through them.
This is the main access bridge into Emerald and the main part of the town is totally isolated. Many people have been evacuated from their houses. School was due to start next week but now not until a week later to give people time to clean up etc. once the water goes down.
And this is where the Emerald water came from - the Fairbairn Dam which flowed over the spillway for the first time in 17 years. It got to a height of 4.5 metres over the dam wall so you can imagine the massive volume of water going downstream to Emerald. The water takes about six hours to get from the dam wall to Emerald.
There are huge losses of cattle and machinery from this flood and of course no estimation can be made yet of them until people are able to get out and about again. Just one good thing for now - no rain is predicted in the next little while.
That is Australia!! Huge extremes - drought for years and then floods!


Anonymous said...

Extremely good photos there Jean! Isn't it nice for the rain to stop for a little while?...Oh so humid now though...sitting down is a very "drippy" business! So sorry for those who have to clean up after the water subsides. Am totally thankful we are in a flood free area!

Kylie said...

Wonderful photos Jean! You see it on the news and your so thankful for where you live and what you got!
I do hope your daughter and son-in-law are doing o.k.
Thanks for sharing! ~Take Care~

Leigh said...

Exceptional photos. Really gives an exact picture of all that water.Fabulous that Fairburn dam is so full again though. Pity it had to flood everything to get that way.
Hope your family is coping with it all.

CreativSpirit said...

Amazing photos Jean. Hope that things dry out soon.