Monday, October 8, 2007

Giddy Fish!!

I arrived home on dark last night after having the bestest [hmmmmm, don't think that was a word when I went to school so long ago] weekend in Mackay with Karen. It was well worth the five hours drive to be able to stamp, chat, eat, stamp, chat and more stamping for two whole days! We did make some cards at home as well as with the other ladies at the get together to celebrate the World Cardmaking day on Saturday. Karen did a lot of organising to make it all happen and she had some wonderful door prizes etc. That was a lovely relaxed fun afternoon and we made up four cards and a post it holder.

Here is a spinner card where we used two of our now obsolete two cent coins to make the fish spin and that he does when the card is tilted on the right angle! I had fun using stamps of Karen's that I don't own [yet!!!] I painted the fish with a green face to make him look a bit giddier LOL.

All supplies by Stampin' Up!!

Right now I am putting together a filing cabinet which Karen kindly shopped for me in Mackay so I could bring it home with me. I want to put all my Stampin' Up! cardstock in it to protect it from the strong natural light which we have here. Lots of bits and pieces to screw together and so far it is going together well.

Will show a couple more of the cards we made together later!


Bethel of Bethania said...

Jean it sounds like you girls had way big time fun in Mackay ... love this card and look forward to seeing what else you made ... 2cent coins ... I wonder who's old money box you all had to raid ... ha ha ... luv ... Bethel

Gerda said...

That is a very funy card :-)))

Marlou said...

what a great card!!!

Kristy Geddes said...

Love this card, especially the colours you have used. I have this set but am yet to make a card from it. I have stamped them off and I love how crisp an image they stamp.
Now to find some 2c pieces!